Speakers 2018


Ruud Veltenaar

Holding The Cards: Leading from the emerging future and your emerging self

Our Time Is Now! We have entered an era of profound disruption. Financial collapse, climate change, resource depletion, and a growing gap between the haves and have-nots are the symptoms of emerging crises. Ruud Veltenaar asks: ‘why do we collectively create results nobody wants?’ Meeting the challenges of this century requires updating our economic logic, and operating system from an obsolete “ego-system” focused entirely on the well-being of oneself to an eco-system awareness that emphasizes the well-being of the whole. Filled with real-world examples from a background as impact investor, business leader and professor, Ruud’s thought-provoking TEDx-talk shows proven practices for building a new world order and a new economy that is more resilient, intentional, inclusive, and aware that we need to reconnect with our emerging self and sustainable environment.


Kai Christen

Holding The Cards: How doing nothing will help you get more done

Stress less. Create more. In his talk, Kai will cover how you can dramatically increase your positive impact in the world by raising your state of mind. He will show that by understanding one simple fact about life, you get to that higher, more productive (and more fun) level. The coolest thing: You don’t need to do anything for it! You don’t need to meditate more, and you also don’t need to do more sports (even though both of those things are a lot of fun to do!). But you already have an innate system, that is built for success within you. You just need to understand how the system works.


Sebastian Metselaar

Holding The Cards: The Beast of the East: China’s Rise to Dominating the Digital (Mobile) World

For the longest time, China was seen as a copycat of the West: cheap knockoffs and even cheaper quality. However, with the rise of the ever-so-powerful B.A.T. (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), the experimentation-first culture, incredible innovation and their insatiable work-ethic, they’re slowly breaking the copy-cat narrative. The threats are becoming increasingly tangible, as these Chinese giants are saturating their domestic market, and looking for international domination.
But how did we get here – how did China do this so quickly? And more importantly – what does a future dominated by Chinese giants look like? Watch out Teslas and Amazons of the world…



More speakers to be announced soon!


"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game." - Randy Pausch

Within TED’s spirit of ideas worth spreading and Vlerick’s goal to impact society, TEDxVlerickBusinessSchool 2018 aims to inspire our local community with exciting ideas and stories to foster learning, inspiration and wonder. Since its foundation, Vlerick Business School has been at the vanguard of business, strategy and societal change. TEDxVlerickBusinessSchool 2018 will put trends, innovations and changing ideas into perspective through testimonials of carefully selected speakers.

  • Date: 23/05/18
  • Location: KU Leuven Vesalius Aula (Andreas Vesaliusstraat 11, 3000 Leuven)
  • Time: 19:30 (Doors: 19:00)
  • Get your ticket here!